Top 4 Colleges In Alaska

Education in Alaska may be just what you need if you want to school in a remote part of America that is far away from home. The beautiful state is the largest area in America, but it is among the least populated at this time. While there may not be many universities in Alaska, the ones there are prestigious. Don't forget that you'll also have the opportunity to see the country's natural resorts like Mt. Denali and Aleutian Islands, among others. Thanks to the flexible cost structure in Alaska education, students who don't have a lot of money can get value for what they have.

Top 4 Colleges In Alaska

  1. Study Near The Wilderness In The University of Alaska Southeast Juneau, AK
  2. This university is located in the city of Juneau. Juneau is one of the places with the mildest climate in Alaska. The school is perfect for majors in Environmental Science, Marine Biology and other related courses. It is located near Al Inside Passage and National Forest making it near the wilderness. There is a fully-functional research center for undergraduate students who have great ideas. They can receive funding for promising projects. While students can stay off-campus, staying in the school dorms isn't a bad idea as they are fully equipped. Some of the dorms give you a direct view of the lake or glaciers depending on what room you get.

  3. Take On Practicals At The Alaska Pacific University
  4. Students who love the outdoor life and enjoy learning on the field just like the classroom can apply for admission in this college. Typically called APU, this university admits majors in Marine Biology, Sustainability Studies, Earth Science, Alaska Native Governance, Outdoor Studies, Earth Science and Environmental Science. The outdoor center at APU is ideal for ice climbing, kayaking, backpacking, skiing and a host of other things. The school places a lot of emphasis on protecting the environment. Students are encouraged to eat organic food and use environmentally friendly products.

  5. Mix Schooling With Work Experience In The University of Alaska Anchorage
  6. Anchorage is the largest college in Alaska, UA. It offers several courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can get your certificates, doctorate, master’s, etc. The school has six different campuses with the center located in UA Anchorage. Students have access to several educational support systems at their disposal. When you attend the University of Alaska Anchorage, you can mix schooling with work experience by participating in any of the internship positions available in the community. Excellent teaching isn't the only benefit of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

  7. University of Alaska Fairbanks
  8. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is part of the College of Rural and Community Development in the United States. It offers many educational opportunities to students irrespective of their levels. There are seven campuses across the state, making it more accessible to locals. Workers who want to study can also enroll in their distant learning programs. The university was founded in the year 1917. The school has options for certificates, associates degrees, and doctoral degrees.

These are the top 4 universities in Alaska. If you're looking for one Alaska university to enroll in, you should consider any of the schools above.

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