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Alaska is the largest area in the United States, located in northwestern North America. Only 82 km wide, the Bering Strait separates Alaska from Asia.

Alaska is a land of pristine wildlife cut in the fjords that has risen to the clouds with enchanting snowy mountains.

Most interesting things you’ll find in Alaska:

  • Conserved fauna and flora: Bald eagles, barbilli bears, humpback whales, killer whales and sea lions, protected rain forests.
  • The art and customs of Alaska native people in National Historic Parks, featuring collections of totem poles and reconstructed Native American’s living conditions.
  • Icy waterfalls and icy fields around Alaska's Juneau capital, Hubbard glaciers, Mendenhall and the famous blue Sawyer glacier.
  • History of the Gold Rush at Klondike National Historical Park near Skagway.
  • Dog sledding on glaciers.
  • Cruises along the coast: the sheer beauty of glaciers and fjords.
  • Ocean fishing, hunting, and lots of extreme fun.
  • Northern Lights
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Alaska - it’s a unity with nature, unforgettable adventures, as well as different levels of extreme sports. The highlight of the region is its natural heritage, in the form of natural parks, waterfalls, glaciers, rivers, lakes. Some of the most popular places to visit are Denali National Park, Kenai Fjord and Glacier Bay. In one of them you can watch the grizzly bears catch trout in the local river Brusk.

Another natural attraction in Alaska is the McKinley Peak. The height of the mountain is 6 193 meters above sea level and surprises with stunning views and an indescribable feeling of freedom. In addition to visiting natural attractions, do not miss the opportunity to feel like a real gold miner by visiting the capital of the region - the city of Juneau. It was founded during the gold rush and is of historical value to the whole country.

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